Swimming Pool-Inspired Decor

Discover a dozen stylish spaces that take the plunge

When working with clients, many designers begin the conversation by asking, “How would you like your home to feel?” Well, if you’d like your home to feel like a poolside retreat inside and out, look no further than these 12 splashy spaces that channel lazy summer days all year round.

Bring Your Daydream View to Your Living Room


 H3K Design, original photo on Houzz


1. The large photograph of a floating sun worshipper is no subtle hint here. This room abounds with poolside inspiration, from the crystal blue rug to the coffee table that reflects sunlight like a floating inner tube.


Rad Design Inc, original photo on Houzz


 2. If you consider a watery blue rug essential to poolside style, overdyed is a word you’ll want to add to your design vocabulary.

The overdying technique originated as a way to revive tired, faded Oriental rugs by essentially washing them in an especially vibrant color. The underlying pattern still shows through, retaining a timeworn feel that couldn’t easily be achieved in a new product, but the color is the star.

In this living room, an overdyed rug mixes with cocktail-themed prints, reminding us of the bare essentials of poolside lounging.

Not a Big Fan of Blue? Try Coastal Coral Instead


Citidev, Inc, original photo on Houzz


3. Swimming pool blues with a teal cast can be oh so chic when paired with taupe, metallics and abstract art. Using large-scale pieces splashed in these blues will make you feel as though you’re enveloped in a swanky cabana overlooking the Mediterranean. Add a plant, an old-fashioned cocktail and some tumbled stone flooring, and you’re there.


SuzAnn Kletzien Design, original photo on Houzz


4. When you close your eyes and envision your dream pool, do you see the clear blue of a deep spring-fed lake or the turquoise of Caribbean waters? Whatever the hue of your backyard paradise, there’s an upholstery fabric perfect for disguising that large ottoman and invoking instead a shimmering pool.


Rick Ricozzi Photography, original photo on Houzz


5. Few other flooring surfaces reflect the light like polished concrete. This dining space and adjoining great room glow with the turquoise of shallow seas and luminous pools. It’s a bold commitment to bathe your floors in such an all-consuming hue, but the subtle gradations in color achieved through the staining process make these floors a dead ringer for undulating water.


Beach Style Patio, original photo on Houzz


6. Colossal doors that slide back into the wall to fully connect the interior with the exterior are a big deal right now, as so many of us crave a deeper connection with the earth. Incidentally, that craving is the same one that sends us in droves to state parks, summer camps and town pools. This minimalistic bathroom captures, albeit in a distinctly upscale way, the ethos of the simple outbuildings common in those summer escapes. It opens fully to an outdoor space and shares a masonry wall with the patio on the other side, tucked unassumingly under a classic beamed roof.

Find Flooring to Reflect a Beloved Beach Scene

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