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Negative Edge Pools

Serving the entire state of Arizona, Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools builds 80 to 100 distinctly custom pools and spas each year. But their expertise extends far beyond just pools and spas as they create complete outdoor living environments, which continue to meet and exceed their elite clientele’s expectations.

In addition to being extremely well versed in every aspect of Arizona landscaping, their true  expertise is the design and construction of entire outdoor living spaces, which when completed become a cohesive extension to the flow and function that their clients enjoy indoors. Today, discerning homeowners demand resort style amenities such as putting greens, tennis courts, child safe splash pads, and negative edge pools designed to subtly enhance the nature beauty of Arizona. This organic style of design, much like that of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, has become the trademark of a Unique outdoor living space design. 

A negative edge pool should not be designed to become the focal point of any outdoor living space. Instead, this organic feature must be integrated into the existing space in such a manner as to enhance the natural beauty of the property. The designer must draw from the natural features, color palette and form to seamlessly insert a swimming pool without detracting from what nature has already provided. Chris Griffin and his team apply their century plus of experience to design, engineer and construct the pool that belongs in each natural sanctuary. 

As a civil engineer and one of only 50 certified and registered GENESIS® Watershape Designers in the country, Chris has over a decade of experience incorporating this awe-inspiring feature into Unique’s custom swimming pools. Holding three contractor licenses, Unique is able to provide all of the landscape, pool, construction, electrical, and plumbing services needed to create a truly unique, custom designed project, such as the North Mountain Hillside Project. 

This modern loft style home might appear out of place were it not for the UNIQUE outdoor living space and negative edge pool designed by Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools. The use of clean lines in the terraced patio areas as well as the negative edge pool integrate the entire space into the natural setting of the mountainside.

The use of a native plant palette creates the visual connection to the natural mountain setting while also introducing texture and color to the otherwise neutral tones of the home. 

The outdoor living areas mimic the contemporary design of the homes interior providing a wide open feeling of space but with subtle yet distinctly separate living spaces. 

The negative edge pool is the heart of the outdoor living space and provides a place to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends as well as a secluded refuge to for reflection while drinking in the panoramic view of Phoenix. As the sun sets, the cobalt blue pool becomes a mirror of the night night sky and the Phoenix skyline mimics the stars as this negative edge pool becomes one with its surroundings. 

Not only is Unique able to provide all of the services and skill sets needed to build the entire project but homeowners also benefit from Chris’s engineering and design expertise. Many design/build firms outsource some aspects of construction as well as any engineering tasks but those services and many more are all part of the Unique Experience. 



Unique Landscapes & Custom Pools

SWD Registered, Society of Watershape Designers®, A Member of Carecraft, Association of Pool and Spa Professionals(APSP), Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise (PACE) 

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