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Mitch Kalamian is a landscape designer who does it all. His company, high-end custom residential boutique landscape construction firm Solena Landscape Co., handles everything from design to construction in-house. And as lead designer he approaches each project with a 360-degree view of how each client plans to use the space.

It was a lesson that Huntington Beach, California, resident Eric Perkins learned quickly when he asked if Kalamian could design plantings for his backyard renovation project, for which he had already engaged several other contractors to create the pool and the hardscape. 

“He handed me a copy of the design; it was rudimentary,” remembers Kalamian. “It was a beautiful, big yard, and he said, ‘I want an epic pool.’ I said, ‘I don’t think that this design is going to pull it off.’” Kalamian took Perkins to visit an elaborate pool project he had just finished to illustrate Solena’s capabilities.

“I will give you a price on the plants if you want, but what I really want is to handle the whole enchilada,” Kalamian told him. “Do it,” Perkins responded. As soon as he saw Kalamian’s vision for the project, he let the other contractors go. 

Kalamian’s full-surround approach ensures that each piece of a project works together and that every detail is considered. From swimming pools and fountains to outdoor kitchens and barbeques to custom hardscape and plantings, Solena designs all elements of an outdoor space to be of a piece and contribute to the larger whole. 

Kalamian specializes in designing to a theme, such as contemporary, Mediterranean, or tropical. He fits the shapes, colors, materials, and plants into the theme, creating an outdoor environment that serves as an extension of a property’s style.  

In the case of Perkins’ backyard, he matched the Mediterranean-style house with a tropical design featuring a lagoon-shaped pool with a raised spa, water features, and a slide, as well as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit in a sunken patio, and a glass-walled sauna. As with all Solena’s pool projects, this one is state-of-the-art, with surround sound, a 10’x14’ projection screen, custom LED lighting, and three control options for the pool’s functions. 

“No matter what we’re doing, no matter what the budget, I’m always trying to do the most creative work possible,” says Kalamian. He tries to always incorporate some “wow-factor” and to create spaces “where people just want to be.” As Eric Perkins would say, his designs are epic. 




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