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Collaboration & Communication

Not content to build average pools, Pools and Spas by Richard has been creating poolscapes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut that are above the industry’s standard for design and construction for the past 45 years. To achieve this goal, owner Ted Richard collaborates with outside experts, including landscape architects, and has gathered a team of skilled artisans whose sole purpose is to develop the best possible poolscapes for discerning clients. Many in the industry would say this objective has been met: they have honored a number of the builder’s innovative poolscapes with awards and accolades.

Richard and his staff believe in a combination of harmony and communication. Without either, a project will fail to make the grade. “It is important to study locales and talk to clients to find out their wish lists,” says Richard. Once the pool’s purpose and style are discovered, shapes, designs, and materials are then discussed. Everything from infinity edges to freeform pools evoking tropical lagoons are possibilities. “By adding waterfalls, spouts, and integrated spas, the design becomes unique,” explains Richard. “No two projects will look the same because the configurations are infinite.”

And the service does not stop when the pool is built. Pools and Spas by Richard has a fully staffed department that opens, maintains, and closes pools. Additionally, when equipment needs replacing or if a pool needs a touch-up, the company’s expert craftsmen are on hand to provide dependable assistance.

Pools and Spas by Richard also believes in keeping on top of technical and style advancements in the industry by being a full member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and Carecraft, a nationally respected group of pool designers and builders. “By aligning ourselves with Carecraft, we provide our clients with the highest quality products and equipment,” states Richard.



Pools and Spas by Richard 


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In Business for 40 Years

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