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Questar Pools and Spas Inc

A Platinum Member of Genesis 3

In Business for 31 Years

28942 Welcome View
Escondido, CA 92026

Phone: 760-738-5100

Yearly Builds: Designs 70 Pools per Year

Service Area: International


Breathtaking Innovation 

Skip Phillips of Questar Pools and Spas, Inc., is one of the best-known poolscape design professionals in the world. He boldly innovates by combining vision with proven engineering techniques to create dynamic aquatic treasures that have earned him an international reputation for excellence, ingenuity, and originality.
Phillips’ ability to routinely transform the seemingly impossible into spectacular aquatic treasures, which add beauty and lasting value to a home, has him regularly flying coast-to-coast and to Europe, the Caribbean, or other corners of the globe to work his artistic magic. He captures homeowners’ fantasies and offers limitless possibilities for years of enjoyment and aesthetic appeal that blend with the home and natural surroundings. His designs have won more than 100 local and international awards, beginning with the second pool he built. More recently, The Robb Report designated him the best vanishing-edge designer in the world, and Home & Garden Television has featured multiple projects. 
In addition to their exquisite beauty, Questar’s pools and spas function superbly. The company recommends equipment and components that exceed industry standards, such as quiet, low-decibel-level, energy-efficient filtration systems that heighten the pleasure of poolside recreation and entertainment.  

Phillips began his career in 1975, repairing and servicing up to 1,100 pools a week. He learned from the experience and realized he could design and build better pools than the ones he maintained. He launched Questar Pools and Spas in 1981. In 2013, Phillips was certified as an authorized dealer of BioNova® Natural Pools to create naturally purified swimming pools that are chemical-free, ecologically friendly, and energy-efficient. “These innovative pools are perfect for those who demand a more sophisticated purification system that keeps the environment in mind,” says Phillips. “I am looking forward to bringing the same level of creativity and professionalism that I bring to all my projects to this new venture.”

One of the founding partners of Genesis 3, an international design consortium dedicated to being the resource for those with higher expectations in waterscape design, Phillips also is certified in the Society of Watershape Designers and is frequently sought by companies, other professionals, and educational programs to provide expertise and share the secrets of his art.

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