Drakeley Swimming Pool Company

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Drakeley Swimming Pool Company
74 Hickory Lane
Bethlehem, CT 06751



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Builds 25 Pools Per Year

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New England Region


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Customer Reviews

"My husband picked up a copy of Luxury Pools while on a business trip. He saw a pool with a vanishing edge, overlooking a stunning view and said, This is what we really want.

We contacted several pool companies, but Bill Drakeley gave us the best design. He came out, looked everything over and said he would play with the different elements and see what he could come up with. I liked that approach. He suggested things we never imagined possible and gave us a color drawing that showed how the pool was going to look with the rest of the property.

We also wanted a company that we felt could execute the project. We trusted Bill Drakeley, and we are glad we did. The crew was great. We spent a couple of months last summer together and had daily communication. They were nice, very respectful and had a good sense of humor. By the time the pool was finished, we felt like they were part of the family.

Building the pool was a lot of fun. The builders were creative throughout the project. They were constantly giving us alternatives, asking our opinion, such as which stone we would prefer in a certain location. That way, we got the best-looking pool possible. It has a natural appearance and blends in with the property. It is in a sunny spot, which keeps the temperature up. The sound of the waterfall is wonderful."

- Katya Krayniy, Woodbury, CT