Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

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Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

Mahwah, NJ



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Builds 10 Pools per Year

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New Jersey Tri-State Area


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Complete Outdoor Specialists

With extensive proficiencies in landscaping, masonry, and swimming pools, Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping produces full-scale luxury makeovers for each of its clients. The design team believes that with a complete backyard transformation, clients will not just travel outside to enjoy a luxurious swimming pool but rather step into a brand new world every time they open their backdoor. Cipriano visualizes swimming pools as the focal point of a greater design goal. Each swimming pool is designed to blend seamlessly into its environment—from a rugged scene of nature’s powerful beauty to a formal setting with pure, polished elegance. Elements such as fiber-optic lighting, elaborate water features, outdoor kitchens, masonry, and lush plantings encompass Cipriano’s pools with dramatic effects. 

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping employs a skilled staff that has the expertise to combine intricate masonry and luxury landscaping with swimming pool design and construction. The firm even owns a farm which supplies exotic specimen plants and trees that it installs up to 20 inches in caliper. The company’s master stone masons have experience installing over 100,000 square feet of natural stone patios and many custom structures and water features. “Our building experience adds so much influence to our designs. Knowledge of plants, masonry, and pools allows us to find very creative solutions for our clients. We can envision the final product and maintain that vision through each aspect of the project,” says Chris Cipriano, founder and president. 

Since 2004, Cipriano’s Mahwah design office, headed by certified landscape architect William Moore, won 69 awards for its landscaping, masonry, and swimming pool creations, including 12 International Awards of Excellence from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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