Artistic Pools, Inc.

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Artistic Pools, Inc.
3884 N. Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30341



Yearly Builds:

Builds Approximately 100 Pools Per Year

Service Area:

150-Mile Radius of Atlanta


Builder Comments by Ron Coker, Jr., President & Matt Hodkinson, Design/Technical Consultant

"When we first met with the owners, they had definite ideas in mind of what they wanted. The homeowners brought in a landscape architect who we worked with directly to develop a plan that fit the homeowners' needs. We explored quite a few options.

In designing the pool, we kept the style and feel of the home in mind so the pool would look like it had always been there. One of the special features is the large sunshelf that functions as an open lounging area as well as an entryway to the pool. The sunshelf also has two telescopic fountains that rise from the floor to the crest of the water when activated, then retract back into the floor when not in use. The geometric elevated spa with two-sided spillway adds an interesting architectural aspect to the design, while a white wooden colonnade borders the lounge area, adding a touch of sophistication.

Luckily, we did not face any unexpected challenges during the process, which took approximately six months to complete. As we got further into the construction process, the homeowners decided to add at few features, such as the fireplace, which fit perfectly into the space and is one of the focal points of the whole poolscape.

From the first meeting with the homeowner, natural stone was the material of choice. Keeping the colors of the existing brickwork on the house in mind, it was a very easy decision to use the cut and irregular bluestone for decking. The colors in the bluestone fit the colors of the brick perfectly. We then used stacked bluestone on the spa and fireplace to add some texture."