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Builder Comments by Don Gwiz (Vice President for Design and Construction)

"My favorite aspect of this project is the three-sided infinity edge, which is fabulous because of its height above the Potomac River and the home's lower terrace. When we first interviewed the owner about what he wanted, he requested that the pool elevation match his upper terrace -- this, however, required that the entire pool be elevated out of the ground. Once we determined the location, the design evolved into this magnificent poolscape.

We created a gradual arch for the backside of the pool wall, which enhanced the look of the infinity edge. We also elected to use French limestone to veneer the outside walls. Additionally, because there is a theater located on the lower terrace and the homeowner requested that we craft a water feature on the backside of the pool, we built the pool so that water flowed over the edge and rippled down a rock-faced wall. We used dramatic uplighting to accent this wall because it is visible from most angles of the house.

All of the materials we used are high-end. The coping is black granite and each is piece is about 2 feet long and 18 inches tall and weighs about 620 pounds per piece. The entire lower catch basin is tiled in 6-inch black granite.

The project took us 18 months to complete. Although there were no real challenges in designing the pool, we encountered plenty during the construction phase. We had to construct a structural slab that could support the weight of the pool and the terrace, which are located 150 feet above the Potomac River. In the end, the extra steps we had to take were worth it. When on site, looking all around, the effect is quite spectacular."