6 Beautiful Backyard Conservatories

6 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

By Patti Plummer
Dreaming of a cozy yet luxurious indoor-outdoor space of your own? Check out the pictures below for conservatory design ideas and learn how a garden conservatory or glass-walled pool house not only looks beautiful, but can also serve many purposes.




1. Multi-use Space


Classic in design yet highly functional, conservatories are the perfect solution for a variety of space challenges, including acting as a home office, an intimate dining setting, or a refuge for quiet reflection. Although clear glass is the traditional design choice, conservatories can easily become private hideaways at the touch of a button: many models are equipped with roman shades or roller blinds that make the outside world disappear.


2. Natural Ambiance


 When teamed with a natural backdrop full of lush textures and vibrant colors, conservatories become the preferred spot for family and guests needing to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Notice how this room creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere by using potted and hanging plants that seamlessly blends the inside ambiance with the outside.



3. Spa Retreat

Conservatories are more than a secret spot for cozy tête-à-têtes: they are also ideal rooms for favorite recreational pursuits like hot-tubbing. Furnished in rustic accents as well as natural stone and premium wood, this conservatory is full of a dynamic energy that encourages a dip in the spa, the cards to be shuffled for a game of rummy, or the chess board to be set up for head to head competition.


4. Sophisticated Sunroom

Conservatories are luxurious symbols of the finer things in life…as this richly appointed conservatory illustrates. Luxuriant, full of intricate details as well as plush accents like an oriental rug and a variety of decorative objects, this conservatory is a sophisticated gem that is the property’s everlasting focal point.



5. Hidden Nook


Many properties have hidden nooks that are just waiting for the right use. This idyllic setting was perfect for a conservatory. Imagine the array of events that are held here: afternoon tea with best friends, twilight chats with a treasured aunt, and pleasurable mornings with the book club…. all in a place full of timeless beauty and tranquility.


6. Luxurious Pool House

Decisions, decisions: sit by the pool or stay inside, happily surrounded by luxurious amenities…the answer is quite easy: enjoy both with a freestanding conservatory. Functioning as elegant pool houses, glass conservatories offer the best of all worlds and serve as beautiful indoor-outdoor spaces. Notice that this open-space model also includes windows that tilt up, providing guests with all the comforts of home…inside and out.

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Photos courtesy of Tanglewood Conservatories, Ltd., Denton, Maryland

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