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Learn about some of the special features for customising you spa and making your backyard unique.

Learn the guidlines for designing your custom spa.

Learn the number one rule for designing a spa.

The reasons for attaching a custom spa to you pool.

Learn about regardless of your budget or tastes, the pool’s structural engineer will dictate which deck materials are acceptable for your yard. 

Learn about pervious surfaces are permeable, allowing water to pass through and into the ground.

Learn about once a concrete slab has cured, it can be covered with a suitable veneer. Porcelain tile, terracotta, brick, natural stone, or wood decking are excellent choices. 

Learn about the many options of concrete decks for your swimming pool. Think about stamped and patterned, mechanically finished or aggregates finishes.

Learn about pool houses, outdoor room, outkitchens and conservatories and how they enhance your backyard.