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Violin shaped swimming pool Ciprianio New Jersey

Unique Violin Shaped Pool Hits a High Note

This dazzling glass-tile violin pool in Bedford, NY, is truly the first of its kind. Designed and built by Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping in Mahwah, NJ, the pool is an extraordinary, larger-than-life replica of a 1700s-era Stradivarius violin—in exacting detail. Read more >> 

Fire feature firebowl Stonecrest Pools

In Concert: Expert Insight by Chuck Baumann

Why communication is so important during the development and building of a luxury pool project. Read More >>

Luxury redo pool renovation Brandenburg Pool

2013 Pinnacle Awards Winners

Luxury Pools magazine is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Pinnacle Awards. Only four companies merited the honor, earning the symbol that separates these craftsmen from all others. Read More >>

Grottos Pool Caviness Landscape Design

Outdoor Room Styles - Part 1: Open Garden

From a custom-designed pool to a cutting garden to a fabulous outdoor kitchen, these properties are the epitome of a luxury outdoor room. Read More >> 

Luxury Pool Planning Tips

Water Features: Go with the Flow
A great pool design is often realized by the water within-its appearance, reflections, and how it refracts light and color. By adding a vertical element of moving water, the design can spring to life. Read More >>

Great Expectations: Planning Your Luxury Pool
For all the purposes a pool serves, it's most vital role is as a water feature-that is, a central point of interest within the overall landscape of your home. A design recognizes this priority, blending the pool into the yard and enhancing the home's existing architecture. Read More >>

Luxury Backyards

Outdoor Tranquility
Whether your backyard has a beautiful view, enclosed intimacy, or is an open canvas, the key to a successful implementation of your envisioned pool and outdoor living space is having a coordinated design, proper material selection, and features that fit your budget. Read More >>

A Touch of Glass
Glass tile is revolutionizing how pools and spas are built, often with breathtaking results. From the luxurious pools and spas of ancient Greek and Roman palaces to modern-day masterpieces, intricate tile treatments have transformed water features. Read More >>

About Luxury Pools

Luxury Pools magazine, along with its website, is a well-respected resource for potential buyers and owners of high-end custom swimming pools. It showcases the world's most spectacular residential pools, watershapes, spas, and backyards-and the designers and builders who create them.

Collectively, Luxury Pools presents many types of high-end pools-including concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-lined-and a wide variety of styles, including vanishing edges, perimeter overflows, beach entries, pools with spas, waterfalls, fire features, glass tile, and more.

Featuring beautiful photography of luxury swimming pools/backyards, Luxury Pools allows homeowners to view the work of builders nationwide and worldwide. In addition to hundreds of spectacular pool pictures, Luxury Pools includes detailed information about each builder and designer. Many of these custom pool-building companies build and consult throughout the United States, including California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, and Washington. Many designers also consult internationally in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, England, and Australia. Visit the Builders & Designers page to view the impressive work of all pool builders and designers in Luxury Pools.

Luxury Pools magazine is published twice a year. You may order Luxury Pools magazine by visiting our Manor House Bookstore or calling 1-888-768-3222. Luxury Pools can also be purchased in popular bookstores nationwide.

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